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music classes children annapolis

10- 10:45A • Frolic the Fox: Wondertime for Littles, ages 1-5

11- 11:45A • Frolic the Fox: Wondertime for Biggs, ages 4-7

Kathryn Para

Frolic the Fox

Kathryn Para writes and shares Lyrics for Learning and Life: Music to bring ease and joy to your life with children. She uses her work to bring nature, wonder, story and song to everyday life and learning spaces, specializing in lyric, song, storytelling, outdoor education and performance. Her following has been mostly grass-roots, word of mouth and now she is settling in a bit to publish and provide regular classes in a regular space.

She creates her work to enhance learning, routine, rhythm, group or family culture, mood and energy management. A staggering breadth of themes include: science, mindset, rhythm of life, mindfulness, body awareness, growth mindset, positive psychology, environment, social-emotional subjects, guiding ditties and so much more. All her work is infused with movement, wonder, connection, and fun!

In addition to music, poetry, writing and teaching tools, she has created Ukify, an ukulele teaching method, with which she has taught over a thousand people across the country. She is known to carry a fleet of ukes around looking for workshops or individual connection.

Inside of Kathryn lives the magical, musical “Frolic the Fox” who delights young children, families and classrooms, with movement, story, song and imagination. Frolic promotes connection, learning, nature and imagination and professes that “Reading Makes Fairy Dust”

At Yoga Barn, Kathryn will perform as herself and Frolic the Fox, providing family and homeschool opportunities (worldschool), help teachers unwind with community time, and help people connect to themselves while learning ukulele.

Kathryn is a traveller and a “Worldschooling” mom of two teens. She is a “mom-grown musician”, creating the music she needed for her family and sharing in communities over a decade.

She has formal training from Berklee College of Music which includes a Master Songwriting Certificate and continued, perpetual pursuit.

She is a disabled Army veteran and has learned much through her healing process. Healing and mindset infuse every song.

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