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4:30-5:30P • Yoga Empowered


10-10:45A • Frolic the Fox's Rhyming Rug 

11-11:45A • Frolic the Fox's Rhyming Rug 

Kathryn Para

Frolic the Fox

Kathryn Para, a.k.a. Frolic the Fox™ is a wonder-forward singer-songwriter, storyteller, yoga teacher who sprinkles fairy dust for families and educators around the country with her wonder and wellness programs and has been with Yoga Barn since opening during the pandemic. Her Frolic the Fox programs bring together yoga, mindfulness, story, imagination and nurturing songs. Kathryn is driven toward maximum childhood impact with her work as Frolic the Fox and through her professional- and parental-development programs. She offers story-concerts, yoga, outdoor education, GuideNotes™ programs for professional and parental development, Ukify ukulele method, and more. She started writing songs to guide, teach and cue her own children and now has hundreds of songs and tools to enhance sense of wonder and wellness. Trained in Songwriting at Berklee College of Music and with Breathe for Change (200 hr. Yoga, Mindfulness, SEL facilitation, future M.Ed,) Kathryn is a disabled veteran with trauma-informed, accessibility-minded teaching. Her song library can be found at

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