Our Team

The stronger the love in us. The stronger the love around us. 

At Yoga Barn, you will find a team of people who embody a joy for the movement we teach, because of the healing effect it's had on own own lives. We have overcome injury and disease, worked through emotional trauma, felt empowerment, and found deep connection to a community on our individual journeys. The transformation we experienced is what led us to become teachers. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share our collective wisdom with you.

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Carleen Birnes

Yoga Barn, manager

Howl Health


Carleen believes that movement is a powerful medicine to heal, transform, and help one feel vibrantly alive and connected to a community. Her intention in every class is to weave in strength, flow, surrender, and love for oneself on their journey through this one wild and precious life.  LEARN MORE


Venmo: @carleenbirnes

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Michele Bickley

Love Life Yoga

Michele Bickley is in love with yoga and the art of sharing it creatively, in all areas of life…on and off the mat. Her goal is pretty simple. Help people rise—into their higher selves—one breath at a time to discover freedom.  LEARN MORE


Venmo: @Michele-Bickley

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Heather Gwaltney

Healthy with Heather​

Heather enjoys teaching a vigorous, fun, yet accessible flow to adults and children. She has found her calling in empowering students to feel a radiant sense of confidence through their yoga practice.  LEARN MORE

Venmo: @Heather-Gwaltney-2

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Tessa Fullmer

Tessa Fullmer Yoga

Tessa is passionate about sharing practices that make us feel more alive and in love with life. She offers a fluid, mindful, alignment based yoga practice with an emphasis on strengthening, flexibility and mobility that is accessible for all levels. Her classes are designed to leave you feeling stronger, rejuvenated, more spacious, and grounded. She integrates yoga asana, breath work, and philosophy from the Vedas into her classes to take us deeper into the body and our physical experience.  LEARN MORE

Venmo: @Tessa-Fullmer

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Andrea Cognetti

930 Fitness ​

Coming from a place of love and gratitude for the one body that we each get, Andrea’s training philosophy is to intermix cardiovascular training with strength training to inspire a stronger, healthier, more powerful you. A fitness professional with over 19 years of experience, Andrea helps inspire and support people to find joy in the process of becoming stronger. 


Venmo: @andrea-cognetti-1

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Lindsay Cook

Living Life Everyday | LLE

Lindsay's intention as a teacher is to help students listen to their inner selves and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone.  She loves the energy and joy that Yoga brings her, and she hopes that everyone who takes her classes experiences that joy in their own light.  LEARN MORE


Venmo: @lindsay-cook-1

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Christine Fillat

Dharma Yoga


Dharma Yoga is a form that can be practiced by anyone, at any age. In fact, as we age, it is so important to keep our bodies moving in all directions. In this practice, we bend forward,
backward, side to side, we do back bends and inversions. We breathe together, consciously. And we meditate. We practice compassion, particularly with ourselves. Dharma Yoga is the journey of self realization. Join me in this wonderful practice!
Your body, mind and soul will thank you. 


Venmo: @Christine-Fillat

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Mackenzie Byrd

Mackenzie is excited to bring Turn Up Dance Fitness to our ever-growing community. She is passionate about creating an environment which brings people together and empowers them using movement and music. She can’t wait to see you absolutely come alive in your hour together!  LEARN MORE

Venmo: @MackenzieKByrd

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Kathryn Para

Frolic the Fox​

Kathryn Para writes and shares Lyrics for Learning and Life: Music to bring ease and joy to your life with children. She uses her work to bring nature, wonder, story and song to everyday life and learning spaces, specializing in lyric, song, storytelling, outdoor education and performance. Her following has been mostly grass-roots, word of mouth and now she is settling in a bit to publish and provide regular classes in a regular space. LEARN MORE

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Nicole Neimnan

Nicole holds a safe space for you to show up as you are. She has a beautifully calm teaching style that is light and fun but challenges you to go out of your comfort zone. She loves that yoga meets you where you are, and invites all levels to her class.  LEARN MORE

Venmo @nikkineiman