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Sunday Slowdown & Sound

SUN • Mar 26• 4-5:30P

Allow yourself to let go and find space in the mind, soul, and body in this 90 minute VinYin and Sound Healing journey. Melt into your mat with soft lighting and soothing music as you are guided through a gentle vinyasa flow followed by a grounding and transformative yin practice, offering reconnection to oneself. Our yoga flow will finish with a meditative crystal sound bath immersing you in therapeutic healing frequencies.

Your Host:

Nicole Neiman

Cindy Borges

Tickets: $35


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Prenatal Yoga
 Connecting With Your Baby Through Breath and Movement

Join Kirtana (Keer-tha-na) Kalavapudi, for a 6-week prenatal yoga series at the Yoga Barn in Severna Park, MD.

Every Sunday afternoon, we will connect together and practice prenatal yoga for 90 minutes. During our practice, we will explore various poses and breath work to support your physical health and well-being as well as foster a deeper connection to your baby.

We will be meeting on April 2, 9, 16, 23*, 30 and May 7, 2023 from 12:30 PM to 2 PM.

*On April 23, we will be practicing prenatal yoga via Zoom.

Your Host:

Kirtana Kalavapudi

Kirtana (Keer-tha-na) Kalavapudi (she/her) is a certified yoga facilitator based in Pasadena, MD. She facilitates in-person and virtual yoga sessions for participants in Prenatal Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and pranayama (breath work). Kirtana completed a 200-hour Power Yoga Teacher Training, 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, and a 20-hour Foundational Trauma-Centered Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training. She has been facilitating yoga classes for nearly 7 years in Maryland. 

Tickets: $150


Spring Cleaning with Ayurveda.png


A Holistic Mind-Body Reset

SAT • APR 8 • 2-4P

Ayurveda works with the rhythms of nature to optimize health and happiness and there’s no better season than Spring for a deep cleansing. Learn how to shed the heaviness of winter to boost energy and mood levels with an Ayurvedic digestive reset and holistic nervous system nourishment. 


In this workshop, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of Ayurveda and your unique Ayurveda blueprint so you can learn how to revitalize your energy for the bountiful spring season.




Dosha Quiz

~ Learn your unique Ayurveda constitution


Ayurveda Fundamentals

~ Learn the basics you need to know so you can start incorporating Ayurveda into your life today


Kitchari Lesson and Tasting, Ayurveda’s signature cleanse dish 

~ Learn how to spring cleanse with Kitchari, a 3-21 day digestive reset


Ayurveda Holistic Lifestyle Rituals

~ Learn sustainable self-care rituals that boost energy and mood health by nourishing the nervous system

Your Host:

Adelyn Navarro

Tickets: $55


buti cardio yoga severna park.JPG


Friday, April 14 • 6-8P

Buti Yoga is a high energy practice that blends yoga postures with cardio and strength moves and is driven by music! Buti comes from an Indian Maranthi word which means “a cure that has been kept hidden or secret”.  The philosophy is that we have to power to heal and transform from with in. This practice is about finding your inner power, letting loose and having fun!


Add some glow paint and some black lights and get ready for a fun night!  With the lights low under the black lights, you can really let your inhibitions go and let loose! Whether you're brand new to Buti Yoga or an experienced Butisattva, this practice is for everyone! 


This is a chance to release stuck energy, reconnect with yourself, share energy with fellow yogis, build confidence and feel free!  You will leave feeling high on life & Buti Blissed out!

Your Host:

Beth Ivey

Tickets: $35



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