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Yoga Barn Challenge.png

Are you ready to deepen your practice?
Or maybe your motivation needs a boost.
Perhaps you're new to yoga?
We got you!
This challenge is for anyone who is willing to breathe.
This means you!

The idea is simple:
Take 21 classes in 31 days. Explore different teachers, poses, and styles along the way.
The benefits:
Deeper roots in an intentional community, improved strength and flexibility, less stress, and a feeling of freedom in body and spirit.
The prizes:
Students who complete the challenge, are entered into a drawing to win fun prizes, including jewelry, candles, apparel, and free classes. Or maybe you'll be the lucky winner who gets SIX MONTHS of free classes at Yoga Barn!!!!
The details:
In order to join our 21/31 challenge, grab our Challenge Class Special — Just $121 for 31 days of unlimited Yoga Barn classes. (Only $5.75 per class when you attend 21 total!) Then put your name on the wall, where we'll track your progress with a giant sticker chart. Who doesn't love stickers?!
The dates:
The Yoga Barn 21/31 challenge runs Oct 1-31. We'll draw winners on Nov 1st on Instagram Live from everyone who took 21 classes in 31 days. (Yogis may attend more than one class a day. Classes do not need to be consecutive to be eligible for our prize drawing).

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