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TUES • 9:30-10:30A • Therapeutic Yoga 
THUR • 10-11A • Yoga Flow
SUN • 9-10:15A • Soul Flow

Michele Bickley

Michele Bickley is in love with yoga and the art of sharing it creatively, in all areas of life…on and off the mat. Her goal is pretty simple. Help people rise—into their higher selves—one breath at a time to discover freedom.

She believes that a conscious deep breath can help illuminate everything that you are and that you are seeking. Stress, obstacles, anxiety or depression can be easier to face by learning to breathe and mindfully move our bodies.

Michele has traveled the world studying with some of the most renowned practitioners learning tools to deal with the “stuff” that can block us from embodying our highest self.

Michele has been teaching for over 25 years and in 2002, she co-founded Muv Dance and Yoga, an innovative arts organization that brought Yoga and Dance to hundreds of LA public schools, making spaces for children to shine. She most recently co-created The Om Collective, an online and outside studio to help people during the pandemic.

She created the original Yoga for the Classroom DVD and over the last decade, Michele has developed “Shake Your Shakti,” a Yoga and Music Fusion that offers a style and space for people to experience high levels of joy, freedom, connectedness, and health.


Michele lives in Maryland where she is a proud mama of two lil’ yogis, teaches classes and workshops, leads retreats locally and internationally, and adores crafting events to bring communities together to help promote peace on the planet. 


Her passion for nurturing the spirit, holding a loving and non-judgmental space, moving creatively, uncovering freedom in our body, and exploring the depths of this ancient yoga practice in an accessible way, are the foundations for her teaching.

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