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Carleen's Yoga Barn Classes

Booking your private yoga class ~ for individuals and groups! Email Carleen to schedule your session. 

Group classes

Wed • Parent & Child Yoga

Wed • 5:45-6:30P • Metabolic Circuit (Starts Oct 5th)

Fri • 6-6:45A • Metabolic Circuit

Sun • 9-10:15A • Sunday Soul Flow (shared class)

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Carleen Birnes

As a young child, Carleen made the  outdoors her playground when her family moved from the suburbs of NJ to run a yogic retreat center in the Pocono Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania. Honestly, there wasn't much else for her nine-year-old self to do but wander across the 75 acres of forest and meadows to sit by the rocky creek and watch the beavers build their dams or lay in the soft moss of her secret sun-speckled pine tree sanctuary, gazing at the clouds.


Carleen believes that much of the stress we feel in our lives today stems from a disconnect to the wildness that resides inside us, and our separateness from nature caused by the unrelenting pace of our modern lives.

Through her health coaching practice and movement classes, Carleen helps her clients reconnect to their aliveness and wisdom of their bodies by following ancestral health practices that involve moving in the outdoors, eating food sourced straight from nature, and fasting methods that reinvigorate your metabolism, unlock weight loss, and activate cellular healing. 

In her yoga classes, students are guided to come home to the body to move intuitively with their breath and heart through a flow of stretch and strength building asanas. In the warmer months, Carleen invites you to join her on the water in her floating yoga classes that flow at sunrise, sunset, and under the full moon. 

Adapt Certified Health Coach

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

200hr Yoga Teacher

Professional Stand Up Paddle Assoc. Instructor Trainer

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