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Welcome to Yoga Barn

When you come to classes and events at Yoga Barn, you will experience a heart open, love forward style of teaching that is inclusive to every body, every background, and all ages. We are located in the heart of Severna Park, just steps off the B&A Trail in a renovated barn. You will find an array of yoga, movement and mindfulness classes that serve to elevate the frequency and wellbeing of our community. 

yoga severna park
yoga barn severna park
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Our Classes

Our rich mix of movement classes are taught through the yoga lens of self-empowerment and embodiment of love. Nurture your being and flow state with yoga, pilates, strength, running, and breathwork. 

Our Model

Introducing a new sustainable studio concept that draws on the co-op / salon model approach to sharing rent and overhead. Teachers get paid directly by students. Whatever the teacher makes, they take home. We believe this model fosters entrepreneurship and a livable income for teachers and healers who serve our public health. 

Our Coaching

At Yoga Barn, you will discover a holistic approach to health and wellness with nutrition and health coaching programs for adult and teens to develop body confidence and feel empowered over food choices that fuel a healthy metabolism for a lifetime. 

Events & Workshops

Stay tuned for announcements of our events, workshops, trainings and retreats, which are designed to inspire you, challenge you and help you deepen your practice. 


If you are interested in leading a special event, please visit our spaces page to learn more about our rental rates. 

Stay Connected

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Our Teaching Community

Our experienced team of teachers and specialists have joined together at the Yoga Barn to share our heart, wisdom and messages of empowerment. You will always find a warm welcome and inclusive invitation to come as you are.

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